Ergebnisse des Calls 25/2010 Development Single Projects

Zwei österreichische Produktionsfirmen erhielten im Rahmen des MEDIA Calls 25/2010 mit Deadline 11. 4. 2011 Förderung zur Projektentwicklung (Single Projects). Insgesamt wurden aus 444 Einreichungen aus ganz Europa 99 Projekte ausgewählt.

Mobilefilm Produktion reichte das Fiction Feature MOJE SUNCE (My Sun), Regie: Nina Kusturica, erfolgreich ein.
Das Cross-Over-Filmprojekt EVERYDAY REBELLION von Arash & Arman T. Riahi, Golden Girls Filmproduktion konnte sich im Genre Dokumentarfilm behaupten.


Is there a future for Rifka, a young woman who returns after four years imprisonment at the Nazi camps and her six-year-old son Jakov who does not remember and accept her as a mother? The story sets out in the 1940ies and leads us to various destinations: Yugoslavia, Sarajevo, Vienna, Germany, Belgrade and Israel, following the protagonists while they try to start a new life together.

Genre: Fiction Feature, 100 Minutes
Production: Mobilefilm Produktion
Director: Nina Kusturica

is an impressionistic documentary film and a web-platform about non-violent resistance and civil disobedience during the 21st century. A project about various methods of modern anti- dictatorship resistance supported by technology, not only seen through the current movements of the Arabian and Iranian uprisings, but also former successful and less successful revolts.

Written & Directed by the Riahi Brothers (Arash & Arman T. Riahi)
Produced by Arash T. Riahi & Michael Seeber
Edited by Arman T. Riahi/TBA
DOPs Mario Minichmayr/The Suppressed People/
Arash & Arman T. Riahi

A Golden Girls Filmproduktion GmbH Film


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